4Ft Easter Decorations w/ Lights- Collapsible Gnome

  • Handmade. 4Ft collapsible easter decoration with lights. - It includes a pre-assembled gnome felt ornament, collapsible green lantern, 3 iron pipes, 2 ropes, 1 iron round base, 1 light strip. Assembly needed. Finished height is 4 Ft. It seems like a lovely Easter gnome holds an egg to welcome easter!
  • Collapsible ornament makes it easy to store - The pre-assembled gnome ornament is made of felt. The gnome body is collapsible just like lantern. So you can easily take it down and pack it back to the box for store. When meet the inclement weather like storm, please move it indoors.
  • Assembly needed to hold it up(with instructions) - Put three tubes together to make a stand and then insert it into the hole of the base. Then tie two ropes to the small holes of lantern bottom, put the lantern through the stand, secure the ropes to the hooks of base. Next cover with the gnome ornament. Last put the led-light strip into a pocket inside the felt gnome and adjust the strip. You are suggested to put a heavy stone onto the base to keep the easter decoration in place stably.
  • Light up by 3AAA batteries, but are not included - Work for both in daylight and at night. Bright-colored designs makes your easter more festive touch. It also will bring your easter night more holiday spirits when lit it up in the dark. The light strip comes separated and is not attached to the gnome! You have to put it into a pocket inside the gnome.
  • Easter decoration to welcome your guests - Display it up on your front porch, yard, garden, lawn, patio or even living room on Easter. It will bring your guests and your neighbors lots of Easter spirits. Unlike the inflatable’s which deflate, this one is on display 24/7. Let it brighten up your Easter!