Gold Mirror for Wall Decoration

  • ★ UNIQUE LOOK ADDS A LOT TO YOUR HOME – diamond shape design with shining spokes look. Very modern and artistic. adds a touch of luxury to your room. anyone who sees it would be impressed.
  • ★ PERFECT SIZE -14 24 inches diagonally with burst frame. mirror measures 8.6 inch. not too small to decorate the living room nor too large to hang on the entryway.
  • ★ STURDY AND EASY TO PUT UP - Hanging it with one screw put into the wall. It’s all good to go. It’s not very heavy, so mounting to the wall was a breeze. hang it horizontal or vertical, you can get different creative look.
  • ★ JUST THE RIGHT SHADE OF GOLD - The gold framing is something in between a matte and a bright gold, just perfect. Not too bright and not dull at all.
  • ★ COLOR AND STYLE MATCHES EVERYTHING - This mirror is the perfect addition to the picture wall or above the TV, or to the entryway and office space. It's the perfect accent piece and looks great practically everywhere you can try.