Large Flower Vase Tulips Pattern Glass Thickening for Home Decoration

  • Vase is surrounded by tulips which symbolize happiness and victory, you will like this vase both style and size, bring you nice mood every day.
  • Both all sides and bottom of the vase is thicken design, compared with ordinary vase more thick and strong, with high quality lead-free crystal glass looks like a gentleman, elegant and stable
  • No sharp corners, bubbles or wrinkles on the glass, the vase looks pure and transparent , safe and beautiful. Easy to wash, shock resistant and nonbreakable.
  • 10-inch in height,5-inch in the opening width, the design of the wave shape makes it has unique charm.
  • Not only for home decoration, restaurant decoration, flower shop decoration, office decoration, and we believe it is a perfect gift!

Color: Clear

Size:10 inch height,5 inch width

Weight:1.5 lb / 24oz

Glass thickness:0.25 inch

Be appropriate for:
-flower shop
-home decor
-activity planning
-interior designers

--Art originates from life. The Elegant and flawless vase will take art to your home or other place-

--Glass is made of made of quartz sand and CaCO and other raw materials, after mixing,

high temperature melting, homogenization, processing forming, with nice transparency,

chemical stability, mechanical properties and weatherability, beautiful appearance and so on--

--When you bought and received the vase, we believe that its beauty and quality will not disappoint you--