Pet Feeding Bottle, Syringe, Bottles- Dog & Cat Feeding Bottle Silicone Nipples

  • Designed for hand-feeding puppies, kittens to medium mammals, this silicone nipple has pre-formed holes for maximum flexibility. Suitable for puppies, kittens and wild animals!
  • This is a versatile nipple with 1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml syringe and 60ml pet bottle. The simulated silicone nipples are small, medium and large. Each nipple is free to replace. Very convenient.
  • These nipples are made of high molecular weight silicone and are very durable! Don't worry about small, sharp baby teeth that can cause damage.
  • 5ml is made of light-proof material and sometimes needs to be taken. This is the time to play its role. A 5ml anti-light syringe can effectively prevent the drug from producing photosynthesis.
user's guidance:syringe with nipple1. Open the hole in the nipple before use. Refer to the following method: Use a needle to pick off a small piece of rubber on the nipple, or use a blade to cross the nipple. It is better to stabilize the drip or trickle when the nipple is discharged with a light squeeze.2. Please thoroughly clean the bottle, cover and pacifier with warm water before and after using this product.3. This product has a special bottle brush for easy and convenient cleaning of the inner wall of the bottle.4. The bottle design with scale indicates that it is easier to control the intake of food and prevent feeding from being too high or too low.5, the nipple texture is durable, the gel material is soft and flexible, safe and environmentally friendly.Precautions:1. When a pet is sick, please use a special nipple to avoid cross infection of pets.2. Do not use other than pet care.3, please keep out of reach of children