Pet Hair Remover for Couch Furniture Clothing Car Seat Carpet Pet Bed- Double-Sided Brush

  • Practical: This reusable double sided pet fur and lint remover tool a special cloth to collect even the finest pet hair from bedding, clothes, upholstery, the sofa, and more. Comes with two brushes
  • Multi-Purpose: These pet brush hair removal tools work as a dog hair remover for furniture and carpet, cat hair remover for pet bed, clothes, cat hair brush for couch, and pet hair brush for car
  • Durable: These lint brushes for pet hair use an ABS plastic handle and ergonomic design for maximum durability. This cat hair removal and dog fur remover brush uses high-quality materials
  • Easy to Use: Just open and clean. It’s more convenient than a lint roller, pet hair remover roller, reusable lint rollers, and pet fur sponge. This self cleaning lint remover for pet hair does it all
  • Self-Cleaning: Simply use the double sided lint brush pet hair remover, dip it in the portable self cleaner base, and the brush is ready for more cleaning. Empty the self cleaner base when full
Have you had it with picking up pet hair from your clothes and furniture? Pets shedding hair is par for the course when you’re a fur parent. Finding large clumps of hair in the vacuum’s dust bag is just another day in your life. That doesn’t take away the inconvenience shedding causes though, especially when the fur makes its way into your couches and outfits. Removing the hair with your hands is never practical. It’s too tedious! But don’t worry, we have the right cleaning accessory for you. It’s an easy, reusable, and very efficient tool for dealing with fur! Remove fur and hair from your problems with WELLTED Pet Hair Remover! This lint and fur cleaner is an excellent accessory to have. The handle and the brush are made from a single piece of sturdy plastic. The ergonomic handle won’t break even with regular heavy use. The brush part also has highly durable, double-sided bristles that clean surfaces fully every time. Make cleaning fur mess-free, too! The product has a self-cleaning base. Dip the brush in it, pull it out, and reuse as needed. No tapes involved, and no refills needed either. Once the compartment is full of fur, press the base and empty it into your nearest trash bin. No contact whatsoever with the hair. Pets shed anywhere and everywhere. This makes our product a must-have if you are a pet owner. It’s something that you’ll find useful to have at home, but also when you’re on the move in your car and other locations. Garments will always be clean wherever you may be, as long as you have this product around! Having doubts? Learn more about our product here: ✅ Highly giftable multipurpose product ✅ Travel size brush also included in the package ✅ Shipping weight: 11.2 ounces It’s time for you to enjoy fur-free clothes and furniture.