Purple English Lavender Flower Doormat, 18" x 30"

  • When it comes to these doormats, outdoor decor is what they are meant to be
  • Each flower doormat is available in 18" x 30", fitted for your home's single entryway
  • Made out of coco coir and PVC, these doormats are meant for quality and durability
  • Each doormat is a breeze to clean by brushing, shaking, or washing using a hose
  • UV resistance acts as a barrier against the sun, protecting it from the outdoors
Want a flower doormat to complement the soothing decor of your home? This floral door mat might be the finishing touch you need. Painted in rich purple and green colors, each coir door mat is decorated with purple English lavenders. The purple English lavender is an incredibly popular plant and is widely used for both decoration and the creation of a soothing atmosphere. This flower doormat brings the lavender style to your doorway, complementing your home's atmosphere. Each piece of floral door mat decor is not only tasteful in appearance, but is also a very functional doormat. When it comes to these doormats, outdoor decor is their specialty. Capable of trapping dampness from the outside, wet environments should get to put up a fight against these doormats. Trapping moisture is good for a number of beneficial reasons. For one, DDampness is held back from getting inside and on your floor's surface via incoming foot traffic. A wet surface can cause slips and falls, making it unsafe. When dampness is left uncontrolled, it can also spread throughout your floor, leaving it messy and undesirable to look at. Not only is each flower doormat great for providing a dampness trapping door mat, but it is also great for its eco-friendly design. Each floral door mat is surfaced with coir, a natural material. Coir is a "green" fibrous material, making this coir door mat great for those with the environment on their minds. Environmentally friendly products are also great for their low production costs. Using a natural ingredient like coir makes each flower doormat more affordable than products made with only non-natural ingredients. Not only eco-friendly, each doormat provides a bit of a barrier for your entryway's sensitive surface. Both PVC and coir come together to provide some slight cushioning against incoming contact such as foot traffic. Having a barrier like this coir door mat makes these products a nice addition for adding a little extra protection for your flooring.